Thanks so much to Barney and Goshen team. The gentleman that built our two long dry stacked stone walls were true artists. I say artists because there was no cheating involved with mortar or cut pieces, rather they hand-chipped and fit each stone by size and weight to make our functional yet lasting beautiful stone walls. Barney was our key partner from the design stage of the two gardens, as well as the imaginative stone design of our enlarged pond area. He listened to our suggestions and was able to incorporate the good parts and made further suggestions that added design, function and year-round color to our projects.

B. Gates (Sept. 2022)

Honestly i think you guys have gone above and beyond, the mulching alone looks amazing, just wish it would stop raining so i can enjoy my spruced up backyard! I’ blown away with the work you guys do, also everyone i have talked to has been very friendly. 10/10 from me.

W Blanche (August 2022)

I just wanted to say you have an artist working for you. Martinez did a FANTASTIC job. His attention to detail was awesome. I now have an entrance we can be proud of. I told him myself what a great job he did – but please pass on to him again how extremely pleased we are with his work.

JL – 4/13/21

We are extremely pleased with the results of the Goshen project: clearing a large area (roughly 3500 sq. ft.) at the rear of our property. It was quite a difficult and complex project, involving removal of downed trees, branches, underbrush, and yard waste. Also, 75-80% of a large stand of forsythia had to be removed. Ten tree stumps had to be ground down, well below the surface to allow regrading. After regrading and creating a gentle slope over the entire surface, including around several trees purposely left standing, the space was seeded and covered with straw. Several pieces of motorized equipment were used, and the equipment tracks also were seeded and covered with straw. Slate walkways and stone landscaping, moved to create a path for equipment during the project, were carefully replaced and reseeded as necessary.

Kevin Bohrer personally managed the project and, of course, Kevin is great to work with. We made several adjustments to the project plan and schedule before Goshen started work, all discussed and coordinated with Kevin. During the 3-week project, we had several on-site decision-making conversations, and Kevin provided frequent progress reports and kept us informed of work schedules.

Goshen’s workers were excellent! Everyone of them worked hard, were skilled and experienced in their jobs, worked together well, and were friendly and courteous at all times.

The end result of this project is a beautiful stand of new grass on the completely cleared and regraded back lot of our residential property. Thank you, Goshen – well done!

Olin (September 2020)

I didn’t want to let another day go by and not write you about what an amazing job your company did with our drain system. I was just away and was nervous to come outside to the yard when I got back to see the damage the rains had done while I was gone and not one piece of mulch was moved from the storms.

The guys who worked were professional and nice, and they just did an amazing job. I didn’t want to spend that money on something that no one will ever see but it was necessary and you guys did an awesome job.

Thanks again,
EK (August 2020)

I am so happy with the work that was done in my backyard. I had some very overgrown beds that were cleared out and a new border created around the fence line for new beds. We were able to use several plants I already had to replant in a much cleaner, neater way – it was great to salvage some of what I already had. Wenner was so great to work with and I really appreciate how easy he made the whole process. I wish I could remember the gentleman’s name who came to do the work, but it’s escaping me at the moment. He did a wonderful job and left my yard looking so much better! I also want to mention that they both really went above and beyond what I expected and ensured that even some areas left empty by the removal of beds was covered in grass seed and hay before they left. DW (July 2020)

I wanted to reach out last week to provide feedback. I hope this reaches the owner Kevin.
This was such a positive experience from the beginning. Starting with your communication and setting up the meetings. In addition Wenner was very easy to work with. Answered every single question I had, explained every single thing the team will be doing and always asked for feedback on the work while it was being done to ensure I was satisfied.
The crew which includes Pedro, and a younger gentleman were by far the best landscapers I have dealt with. They were professional, timely, adjusted whatever I asked to be adjusted. Ensured I was satisfied with the work. Any landscaping project I get done at my house I want to ensure that Pedro, and the younger gentleman are a part of.
In addition Barney had come over for the hardscaping estimate portion of this project. He was friendly, receptive to feedback and had some great suggestion.
The biggest driver that resulted in me going with you guys was the honesty part of things. Both Wenner and Barney never attempted to up sell any part of the projects, or attempt to swindle me into doing more things, which unfortunately you see a lot of contractors do these days.
Overall I am very glad I selected Goshen. The professionalism, timeliness, Honesty, and attention to detail are all top notch. I look forward to continuing to do business with you guys. Thank you. SH (June 2020)

Daniel did a fabulous job with the pond. He calmly removed the snake and agreed to transport her to a location far far away. He also helped us re-position the lilies as I had them re-potted into larger pots.
It’s so nice to have a contractor who shows up and does the work with pride and diligence.

I want to let you know how much I appreciate all that you do to make my life easier.

Your guys did a great job!… Thanks for fitting me in on my “urgent” schedule!

“The yard looks like paradise.

We’ve had our shed delivered and it fits perfectly on the pad your crew built. Thanks again.

You were right, everything looks so nice.

The job looks fabulous. You RULE!

The yard looks great, I thank you!!! My back and knees thank you very much!!!

I just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the work that your company did. Thanks again.

The garden hasn’t looked this good in years! Thanks.

“Thank you very much. We are pleased with all the work and appreciate all you have done.

The new entry looks wonderful. All the feedback we’ve gotten from other Board members has been positive. It fulfills our accessibility needs and looks beautiful as well. You have done a splendid job and we thank you very much.

You’re really on your game. How about offering a training course for all our subcontractors? I wish they were all as responsible as you. Thanks for all that you are doing for us.

“Your crew did a great job. I’m very pleased with how everything looks, and didn’t see any puddles today! Thanks for everything, especially taking the time to trim the trees yesterday morning. I love the mulch, and it was a relief not to do it myself this year”

“Just wanted to let you know your guys did a fantastic job at our house yesterday! So glad you recommended taking the weeping cherry tree out. It looks so much better with it out of there! Gives a whole new view to the pond and golf course back there. Great suggestion!”

“Great job on my yard today, THANKS, THANKS THANKS”

“Your guys just left and they did a fantastic job!”

“The yard looks beautiful: weeds gone, mulch looks great. Tell the men thank you for working so hard on these really hot days.”

Just a quick note to express my sincere appreciation on a job well done. The landscaping looks beautiful. Perfect. Even the little Arborvitae is a lovely compliment to the design – so much better than the old one. Again, thank you so much.

Barney is the most spectacular project manager I have come across in quite some time. He was professional, on-time, informative, and completely competent. He looks forward to doing business with Goshen and Barney is a great reflection on the company.

Kevin is thorough and attentive to every detail. My choice to contract with Goshen Enterprises was based upon Kevin’s patience and guidance. Kevin brought to my attention issues regarding property grading and long term maintenance/upkeep that the other vendors did not identify during my initial conversions. Kevin exhibited patience during the multiple visits to review ideas/changes to our initial conversation and throughout the process of dealing with the HOA. I commend Goshen for the quality of work. Antonio (his supervisor and several colleagues that worked with him) was professional and informative about the work he was performing at each step in the processes. Goshen followed up with reseeding, aerating and regrading several months after the main jobs were completed.

They showed up at the time they had scheduled, upon completion they removed all of the materials and left the place looking nice as it was when they arrived. We were very impressed with their service!

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