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Goshen Enterprises was founded in 1985 by Kevin Bohrer originally as Beneficial Backyards. Even though Kevin was only 13 at the time, he has an entrepreneurial vision, Kevin would have never imagined that the company would grow from only 2 employees in 1985 to the staff that we currently have. Our staff works year-round to provide services for our clients. With offering full-time employment, our staff has developed into professionals, not just people working at a summer job.

Throughout the years, the company has expanded from basic lawn maintenance to a full-service design, build, and maintenance firm. From a small planting or maintenance job, to a large landscape installation including ponds and patios, Goshen Enterprises, Inc. is capable of making your dreams come true.

We employ our own stone masons who have been trained and with our knowledge of the construction techniques, we can guide the project so that it not only looks great when it is completed, but you can enjoy it for years to come.

Our Team

All of our employees are highly trained in their areas of expertise. All of our crew members are documented, and we fully comply with all immigration laws. We participate in immigrant visa programs and also have helped many of our staff to complete the paperwork to be on the path to citizenship in this country.

Our Staff

Kevin Bohrer

Kevin is the owner and is involved in the business in many ways. He works the clients to provide consultations to them about their property and also works to provide customer service along with running the business. He attributes his success in business since 1990 to the great staff that he has working alongside of him. Being in the business for so many years he brings experience in many techniques and a can do attitude that helps complete projects on time and on budget. From drainage, planting, excavating, stonework and maintenance Kevin has spent great effort to make Goshen the success that it is today.


Don Bohrer

Don retired from the Montgomery County Government in the early 90’s and started helping his son Kevin with the business. Though many years of work he has helped Kevin make the business the success that it is today. Over the past few years he has been stepping back to enjoy more of a second retirement and now he helps with renewal and other sales in the spring and fall seasons. He is been around the business for over 20 years and knows the ins and outs of landscaping.


Barney Ford

Barney joined Goshen as a Sales Project Manager. He works with our clients in landscaping design and renovations, landscaping maintenance, and in resolving landscaping problems. He studied both landscape design and horticulture at the University of Maryland, and has over fifteen years of experience working in the landscaping industry.

Barney Webfinal

Kevin A Bohrer (KA)

KA has been working with Goshen since he was 12 and has learned all the field operations. Joining the management team in 2019 he will be working as a Sales/Project Manager assisting clients with projects both Commercial and Residential. Having worked with his father and seeing both the client and operational side for the last decade of his life give him a unique ability to bring his computer and fresh thinking to the company as they moved into their new facility in fall of 2019 and start the companies 35th year in 2020. In KA’s words “I am excited to take on more responsibility and it will be a challenge to fill my Dad’s shoes but I am up for the challenge.”

Kevin A Bohrer (KA)

Wenner Mejia

Wenner has been with Goshen for over 3 years and joined the Sales/Project Management Team in 2019 full time. Prior this Wenner was a Fertilizer/Spray Foreman and helped dispatch the mowing crews on a daily basis. Wenner has broad knowledge of the industry and is dedicated to consistently learning more about how to help our clients solve problems and better enjoy their properties. In Wenner’s words “I have learned a lot and have more to learn but in this job you never stop learning.”


Office Operations

Erica Ransom, Office Operations Manager

ERica Ransom

Lexxus Ransom, Accounting

Lexxus Webfinal

Carol Hobbs, Sales Coordinator

Carol Hobbs

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