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English Weeping Yew

English Weeping Yew
Botanical Name: Taxus baccata 'Repandens'
Category: Evergreen Shrubs
Height: 2-4'
Spread: 4-6' +
Exposure: Sun to Shade
Care: None; may be trimmed if desired to control size
Deer Resistant: N
Description: 'Repandens' Yew has a spreading habit and is suitable as foundation plants or as a short naturalistic hedge. It is low growing, with arching branches that droop at their tips. The spreading habit makes it ideal as a tall groundcover, especially in woodland conditions. All yews are needle-bearing evergreens. The foliage is dense and is a dark green color on top, with a lighter underside. The needles are flat. 'Repandens' is a female clone, so it may produce red berries. Yews can be grown in sun or shade. Overgrown yews can be rejuvenated by severe pruning. (Most other mature evergreens do not respond well to a severe pruning.) The two things that preclude using yews: Wet, poorly drained soil and DEER. They will tolerate neither.
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