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Azalea Flame Creeper

Azalea Flame Creeper
Botanical Name: Rhododendron indicum 'Flame Creeper'
Category: Evergreen Shrubs
Height: 12-15"
Spread: 2-3' +
Exposure: Partial Shade
Care: None, trim to shape if desired after blooming
Deer Resistant: N
Description: This is a great variety for form. It has small dense leaves that look great year round. The flowers are a bright cheery orange-red, and bloom later than most azaleas, usually in May. This variety should require very little trimming as it is a true dwarf. Azaleas prefer partial shade in acid, well drained soil. Azaleas have shallow, fibrous root systems, so adequate irrigation is important. Most evergreen species will not tolerate wet soil, however so good drainage is also important. Fertilize yearly with Hollytone.
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